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Entrust to me your magnificent property to sell in the regions of Hauts de france, Picardie, Nord Pas de Calais, Champagne Ardenne, Ile de France, Normandie, or elsewhere. Estimate of the market value of your property, advice, guidance, views with qualified buyers, availability, highlighting of your property, a unique representative at your service in a relationship of mutual trust. Widespread exposure of the properties of my portfolio on the Internet in France but also abroad for some properties. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to sell your magnificent property. It's a different strategy additional to the usual national brands and franchises which can be profitable at the end. Discover some magnificent properties. Enjoy your visit. Clovis Properties,  Jérôme Drouet, Independant estate agent

Clovis Properties, Selling of magnificent properties and buildings in France
Regions of Hauts de France, Picardie, Normandie, and sometimes eslsewhere...
Jérôme Drouet -  Real estate advice and expertise for the purchase of :
A castle, a manor, a charming house, a private mansion, a historical monument, an equestrian property , a farm, a one storey farmhouse, a windmill, an arcitect house, a city house, a magnificent village house, a chalet, an apartment block for investors...

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